4. Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawal Limit

Min Withdrawal Amount The minimum withdrawal amount is the same for all users. 0.01 BTC / BCH 0.1 ETH / ZEC 1 LTC / OMG 10 BAT / GNT / KNC / CVC / RDN 100 ZIL SGD 100.00 MYR 300.00 Max Weekly Withdrawal Amount BTC Verified / Normal / Premium : 10 BTC Platinum: […]

Withdrawal Fee

Fiat Free! Crypto Good news! For Normal / Verified users, crypto withdrawal fees are *0.5%. For Premium users, crypto withdrawal fees are *0.2%. For Platinum users, crypto withdrawal fees are *0.1%. *There is a minimum withdrawal fee of: 0.001 BTC / BCH 0.01 ETH / ZEC 0.1 LTC 1 ZIL / OMG / BAT / GNT / […]

Deposit Limit

Select Wallets from your dashboard. Scroll down to Fiat Balance. Click on the “+” button to deposit funds. You will see the Deposit National Currency. You can view: Icon (1) : Your minimum deposit amount. Icon (2) : Your daily deposit limit. Icon (3) : Your remaining deposit limit for the day. Example: The daily deposit […]

Deposit Funds

Deposit funds to purchase cryptocurrencies on Tokenize Exchange. Important Funds deposited not from your designated bank account is strictly NOT accepted. Tokenize Exchange shall at its sole discretion consider the legitimacy of refund requests. Submit a ticket here. You shall be contacted to provide sufficient evidence to prove that the funds belongs to you. A […]

Digital Wallet

Select Wallet from your dashboard. You will see this page. You are able to view the following information: Available: Available cryptocurrency/SGD balance In Orders: Amount of Ask/Bid orders placed. The functions available on this page are: Deposit BTC/ETH and other coins Withdraw BTC/ETH and other coins View deposit and withdrawal history of BTC/ETH and other […]

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